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Reinauguration of the Afro Antillean Museum of PANAMA

After six months, the Afro Antillean Museum was reopened on May 3, 2018.

News & Events

Panama Canal 105th Anniversary Gala Event

Panama Canal 105th Anniversary Gala Event The...

CelebraciĆ³n del 38 Aniversario de SAMAAP


Panama Canal 104th Anniversary Gala Event

    La Sociedad de Amigos del Museo...

Our Mission Statement

SAMAAP (The Society of Friends of the West Indian Museum of Panama) is a civic non-profit organization, which has as its objectives to support and raise funds for the maintenance and extension of the work of the West Indian Museum of Panama. In addition, the organization is also dedicated to supporting and sponsoring activities that contribute to the social and cultural development of the community and feature the best aspects of afro-Caribbean culture.

Customer Testimonials

SAMAAP Activities

SAMAAP Activities

I have attended most of the activities that SAMAAP has organized over the years. Their cultural and religious activities bring out the best of the West-Indian community. The food, the dances and the arts and craft were great!

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