Romeria 2016 por ACP y SAMAAP

In 1989, Cedric Gittens, a SAMAAP member who had witnessed burials at sea, came up with the bright idea to organize an aquatic pilgrimage on a launch on Canal waters as part of the “Conozca Su Canal” celebration since West Indians had worked, died and were buried in the waterway. This idea was put to the then Panama Canal Administrator, Fernando Manfredo, who gave his full support, so from that year, this pilgrimage was incorporated into the “Conozca Su Canal” celebration and has continued to be an integral part of the week’s activities.

During the 2016 pilgrimage, the ceremony included musical groups, words from a pastor and a representative of the Panama Canal Administration, who provided an explanation of the history, operation, and now the expansion of the Canal. Praise is given to God for blessings received, and flowers are left on Canal waters in remembrance of our ancestors. This ceremony has attracted documentary seekers, researchers, film makers and reporters from all over the world. It has helped to disseminate knowledge of the Canal, its history, and its operations, which is the objective of “Conozca Su Canal”


Click here to watch the video of the pilgrimage in 2016.

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