XXXVIII West Indian Fair 2019

La Sociedad de Amigos del Museo Afroantillano de Panamá


y el Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INAC)

XXXVIII Gran Feria Afroantillana

2 y 3 de Marzo de 2019 – 12 mediodía a 8pm.

Centro de Convenciones ATLAPA, Ciudad de Panamá

Sabado y Domingo

Gran Feria Afroantillana 2019

Feria Antillana 2018 – West Indian Fair 2018

“Lot’s of really nice people doing what feels good. Great music, incredibly friendly people, dancing, eating, singing, eating, happy Caribbean music to set the mood, a lot of smiles and of course eating.”

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  1. 1-29-2018

    Democrats Abroad Panama would like to rent a table for voter registration information for US citizens, including dual citizens, at this year’s fair. We have done this in the past. Let me know how much, where to pay and by when.


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