XXXVI West Indian Fair 2017

La Sociedad de Amigos del Museo Afroantillano de Panamá


y el Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INAC)

XXXVI Gran Feria Afroantillana

25 y 26 de Febrero de 2017 – 12 mediodía a 8pm.

Centro de Convenciones ATLAPA, Ciudad de Panamá

Sabado y Domingo

Gran Feria Afroantillana 2017

“SAMAAP friends, Congratulations on a very fine “AfroAntillano Feria.”
“The music and dancing were fun and there were quite a number of really interesting booths. Thanks to all for the great work, once again. Here are a few photos that you might enjoy and be able to use. I think I “caught” some happy faces! Be well. Please share.”
Best, Sharon Bailey-Bok – 28 Feb. 2017


Video de la XXXIII Gran Feria Afroantillana 2014

Video of the XXXIII West Indian Fair 2014

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